Canada Job Grant (CJG)

Reimbursement: up to 100% of tuition fees

Simple & easy 3-step process:

  1. Request a date and time to discuss training:

  2. We create a training proposal, customized and specific to you

  3. You approve the proposal and we present it to the Government for you

You do not have to pay for anything, $0.00, until a government aid assures you are approved to receive the funding. We will handle the paper work, discussion with the appropriate city, province business center.

Who's it for?

The Canadian Job Grant (CJG) will reimburse training cost of Dynamix International for you and your team. This non-repayable grant is for the purpose of improving your employee skills. Currently employed or recently hired all qualify for this grant.

What training qualifies?

Dynamix International meets trainer requirements as Subject Matter Experts (SME).

- Soft Skills: sales-process variable and fixed operations.

- Business development skills: Management or Leadership Teams

How is the amount of funding allocated?

Funding is granted t based on employee head-count.

- Hiring new and unemployed, individuals: receive up to 100% 

- 1~99 employees, receive up to 83%

- 100+ employees, receive up to 50%

Tuition, textbooks, software, and sundry materials related to the proposal=  covered!

Fell free to ask about: reimbursement, tuition, payments and eligibility by scheduling a call with Bill,