Canada Job Grant (CJG)

Reimbursement: 50~83%, ($15K/ person) of training cost 

Who's it for?

Canadian companies, and citizens able to work contingent on qualification. The Canadian Job Grant (CJG) will reimburse third party training cost, Dynamix International, for individuals or teams of employees. This non-repayable grant is for the purpose of improving employee skills. Currently employed or recently hired qualify for this grant.

What training qualifies?

Dynamix International meets training guidelines for the purpose of improving your skills or the team skills as being delivered by a qualified Subject Matter Expert (SME).

- Soft Skill: such as process and or product knowledge training

- Business development skill: such as marketing, selling or leadership

How is the amount of funding allocated?

Funding is awarded to projects based on employee head-count.

- 1~99 employees, up to 83% of project or max $10K/trainee

- 100+ employees, up to 50% of project or max $10K/trainee

- Hiring and training new, unemployed, individuals: up to 100% of project or max $15K/ trainee

Most eligible training expenses related to the project are covered. Tuition, textbooks, software, and related sundry materials.

No limit to enrolment. All participant must be eligible to receive funding. Competitive applications should include title, promotion and wage increase for a duration of 52-weeks after the training program was facilitated.

For more information schedule a call with Bill to start the process,

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