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Check out our 2-Step proprietary, Customer Influence Secret, simply and effectively, helps individuals achieve maximum potential in the shortest period of time. Students of our program are among the 10-percentile. Our students love what they do and it shows. You'll love the results to with lower advertising expense, training cost and raving fans!

Tired or frustrated with mediocrity? Customer service is paramount and a 1:5 closing ratio means 4:5 of your prospects didn't like your process. Attracting buyers to the showroom (live or virtually) is expensive. Your customers won’t give you a second chance at a first impression. Your team needs training and preparation from a teacher that's been salesman, manager, dealer principal and professor. That's the Dynamix difference.

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Selling vehicles' easy, exciting & rewarding. There is no better career and it starts with clicking right here…

This content rich, self-study series of lectures, on-demand and weekly support teach salespeople how-to improve gross profit, reduce manager TO’s, achieve 3:5 closing ratio with top-box customer experience.


Learning On-demand

Get our real-world skills in the comfort and safety of your office, boardroom or home. At Dynamix International we understand your challenges and are dedicated to your success. Your is our success.

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3) Learn the secrets to closing first visit, with minimal negotiation, on in-stock inventory.

Team Training

Our goal is to help all individuals achieve maximum potential.

  Young or old, novice or veteran, your team gets the tools necessary to earn more money, more sales and top-box customer experience.

Our on-demand self-study or live webinars with weekly group coaching ensure your team never has to leave their home, office or city.


Our skill development systems reduces expense & turn-over to improve profits  


This is What They’re Saying...

I run the country's biggest single point store. Bill said 'your manager's are not trainers, never were and shouldn't be.' I said ok, you need to do 3-things a) improve closing ratio, b) improve gross profit and c) before my controller sees the bill. I really thought I'd tasked Bill and his team with a difficult if not possible task. I can't say enough about the moral, spirit and confidence Bill has installed. Bill simply delivers!

- L. Wittick

In a dealer group every GM has their 'guy.' We tried many of 'their-guys.' There are bad, good and outstanding trainers. Bill is above that. His example of a bad teachers is a testament to his acumen. A bad teacher links and unknown with another unknown. An excellent teacher, Bill, links an unknown with a known. That's why we use Bill will all our stores. His virtual program is the best on-demand, jam packed, content-rich, useable skills at a great price.

- R. Werstroh

I sell twenty-five vehicles a month. I didn't need or want training. My dealer said 'you don't have to attend but...' Truth be told I hate training. I don't care for the 'war-stories' and don't believe them. From the moment Bill introduced himself I was riveted. His appreciation for what it is to be a salesman is sincere. No fluff, crazy stories or fabricated examples. Bill's Customer Influencer Methodology is outstanding. Not only did I discover what I was doing right he taught me how to do it more frequently! Love this guy.

-J. Bucchi

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The Auto industry is brimming and about to explode with opportunity. The average age of an automobile is approaching double digits. There is a customer ready to buy every second. Veteran salesman are retiring, faster, now than ever. 

Achieving maximum potential is doing the least amount of effort for the greatest reward. Anyone aspiring to achieve maximum potential is self sufficient, self motivating and driven. These individuals are not born they're trained. Dynamix  students flatten the sales curve, earn higher gross' and top-box customer experience because    they're not salesy. Their customers love 'em. They never lie because nothing distorts the truth more than stretching it. The Customer Influence Formula teaches them to attract unintentional customers who are not price sensitive and not shopping around.

Make the cultural shift in your organization. Get the Dynamix difference. Training should be revered not repulsed.


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